Our Mission

Re-inventing the Medication Experience

We are set to improve adherence and health outcomes by empowering patients.

We are committed to provide solutions that make medication healthcare safer and more effective for all. Our platform uses advanced technologies to improve adherence, and strengthens patient-provider relationships. We want to help patients  to take their medications with confidence and get better, faster.

The future we envision is the one in which scientists have the right insights on which medications and dosages may work for individuals, maximizing clinical outcomes and medication safety while dramatically reducing the cost for healthcare, thereby saving millions of lives and billions of dollars per year.

Our team consists of members with experience in Pharmacogenomic, Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence, Design thinking and Value Driven Business Development. It is our intention to involve scientists and specialists, partner with industry and contribute to the future Pharma. 

Humans First

Our approach to innovation is empathy driven. Our goal is to create humanized solutions that help improve health outcomes and reduce costs for humans. 

Meaningful insights

We envision a future in which we have the right insights on which medications and dosages may work for individuals. We use Big Data for advancing Personalized Medication.


Privacy protection of our our users is our first priority. We allow the user control their data and also make sure our platform is meeting all the requirements to stay safe and functional.

Our team

Amid Moradganjeh


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Alvar Laigna


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Dr. Ali Moradganjeh

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